O V E R L A N D    D R E A M I N G


Journeys designed by Dusko M DuSwami



  1. -“Anytime” if you’re a group of 4 passengers.

- Up to 4 SUV’s in our convoy to West Africa!

  1. -Arrival in Casablanca (or Marrakech or Agadir or Dakhla). Then we drift to a lonely but “in” ex-Spanish Sidi Ifni on the Atlantic. Then it’s  1500 km across Western Sahara to the fundamentally exotic Mauritanian border. In Western Sahara you’ll see forgotten cliffs, beaches, shipwrecks and a lot of  Saharan loneliness. In Morocco we’ll be sipping cafe au lait, mint tea with 2 tons of sugar and feast on tajine.

  1. -After absolutely stunning Dakhla at the end of Western Sahara and with the world’s best kite-surfing we cross the bizarre Morocco-Mauritania border, continue to Nouakchott, take a look at its super-exotic fish market on the beach about 10 km out of town, then smoke a nargile in a cool Nouakchott cafe. The world’s most stunning beach drive is 100 km north of Nouakchott. This is where the Atlantic and the Sahara meet. Gorgeous! We can do it only if there’s low tide (ok, no problem) AND no sandstorm. Let’s hope for the best! Then we sail away to the Mauritanian Sahara. Atar, UNESCO’s Chinguetti and above all the cool oases (yes, plural) of Terjit and the surroundings. Nice desert architecture, refreshing gueltas, palm trees and a Saharan swim. The Adrar region is a fundamental highlight of any trip to Mauritania. Sahara at its purest!

  1. -Then it’s back to Nouakchott, and off-road through Diawling national park: flamingoes, pelicans and Mauritanian wild boar. We cross the Senegal border at Diama (not Rosso) and drive to the colonial jazzy St.Louis: a piece of France on the African Atlantic. South of St.Louis we explore the Senegalese countryside: great vistas, villages, markets, the Atlantic.

  1. -Senegal: St.Louis is an old colonial town with the French Mediterranean feel: cafes, bars, drinks, art-deco architecture. Then it’s 250 km across Sub-Saharan and subtropical scenery of baobabs and friendly faces to Central Senegal to legendary Dakar: Goree Slave Island, live music, local dudes, babes in colorful African clothes and more...

Important info: In Mauritania we stay in a curious but extremely exotic and photogenic mix of hotel, campground and Turkish pansiyon.  Your own sleeping bag is “required”. We provide 3-second tents. Yes, really 3 seconds. Last but not least: officially there’s no alcohol in Mauritania.


Option A: 12 days (2 days Morocco, 3 days Western Sahara, 4 days Mauritania, 3 days Senegal): from 1800€/person.

Option B: 17 days (2 days Morocco, 4 days Western Sahara, 8 days Mauritania - Adrar!, 3 days Senegal): from 1960€/person.

Option C: 21 days (3 days Morocco, 5 days Western Sahara, 8 days Mauritania (incl. Adrar), 5 days Senegal: from 2300€/person.

Price always includes pretty much “everything” except airfares:

  1. -local food/drinks

  2. -accommodation in cozy little family-owned hotels, guesthouses or campgrounds with rooms - sometimes these can be exclusive establishments... sometimes less exclusive...

  3. -ground transport in sturdy, comfortable, air-conditioned Japan made SUV’s

  4. -organization

Prices are based on 4 passengers per vehicle + guide/driver with booking made at least 6 months in advance. But we still need to hear from you to finalize all the technicalities and the price.

If you want to travel as a couple or as a solo traveler, see the prices below:

1 passenger per vehicle: price above x3

2 passengers per vehicle: price above x2

Discover West Africa in the comfort of our comfortable Japan-made SUV’s: Toyota Land-cruiser and Nissan Patrol. On board with you: AC and a cool mix of world music, jazz and smooth pop.