O V E R L A N D    D R E A M I N G


Journeys designed by Dusko M DuSwami




Fly-in via Ulaan Bataar to:

  1. -Hovd, Hovd aimag (HVD)  or

  2. -Ulgii, Bayan-Ulgii aimag (ULN)

We will be covering between 200 and 700 km a day - depending on the terrain and our trekking, kayaking, shamanistic or sauna activities.

We’ll be exploring the mountains of mystical Buddhist Tuva, the waterfalls, the dunes, the gers, the temples, the nomads, the forgotten villages, the enormous plains, eagles and mountains of Western Mongolia & the vast emptiness in between.

Accommodation: 3-5 days of camping in Western Mongolia (also in traditional Mongolian tents - gers); our accommodation in Russia will be in family guest houses, dachas or smaller hotels; same in Georgia and Turkey if you continue with us all the way to Turkey.

NEW and UNIQUE: 4 days in Chechnya and Ingushetia!


24 days: 5-8 days Western Mongolia,  14 days Russia - mostly in Buddhist & shamanastic Tuva; 3 days in Chechnya & Ingushetia, 2 days in Georgia.

1 - Ulaanbataar - Khovd/Ulgii Airport.

2 - Khovd/Ulgii, maybe some live Kazakh music! 200km.

3 - Ulgii - Khushuut - Altai Navan Bogd NP; White River. 100km.

4 - Potanin Glacier, Trekking.

5 - Trekking to Malchin, great views of Russia, Kazakhstan and China.

6 - Khushuut - Khurgan Lake. Tuvan nomads! 50km.

7 - Khoton Lake - Khur Nuur. Kazakh nomads. 50km.

8 - Khur Nuur - Khushuut - Biluu - Ulaanbaishint Border, 100km.

9 - border - Gorno Altaysk, 500km

10 - Gorno Altaysk - Turochak - Tashtagol - Ust Kabyrza - Tashtyp, 440km.

11 - Tashtyp - Abaza - Kyzyl, 750km

12-13 - Kyzyl - Abakan - Sharypovo - Kemerevo - Novosibirsk. Great road trip. 1300km.

14-18 - Novosibirsk - Omsk - Ufa - Volgograd, 3250km. Long Russian road trip, we'll be staying in dachas and guest houses in small Russian towns - avoiding big cities as much as possible - Novosibirsk & Volgograd are wonderful exceptions.

19-20 Volgograd - Grozny, capital city of Chechnya, 800km.

21 - Grozny - Ingushetia /Armkhi, 150km.

22 - Ingushetia - Republic of Georgia, Kazbegi / Stepantsminda, 35km.

23 - Day off, maybe some trekking.

24 - Kazbegi - Tbilisi & flight "home", 150km.

25-27: extra days

From 4900€/person

Itinerary B:

24 days from itinerary A

  1. +2 extra days in Georgia

+ 4 days in Turkey.

From 5600€/person

Price includes:

  1. -2 meals/day in Mongolia, breakfast in Russia, Georgia & Turkey

  2. -accommodation in cozy little family-owned hotels, guesthouses or campgrounds with rooms - sometimes these can be exclusive establishments... sometimes less exclusive...

  3. -all transport in sturdy, comfortable, Japan made SUV’s

  4. -organization & excellent logistics

Prices are based on 4 passengers per vehicle + guide/driver with booking made at least 6 months in advance. But we still need to hear from you to finalize all the technicalities and the price.

If you want to travel as a couple or as a solo traveler, see the prices below:

1 passenger per vehicle: price above x3

2 passengers per vehicle: price above x2