O V E R L A N D    D R E A M I N G


Journeys designed by Dusko M DuSwami



  1. -“Anytime” if you’re a group of 4 to 6 passengers.

- 1-3 SUV’s in our convoy!

Day1 - arrival in N’Djamena

Days 2 to 4: Moussouro - Salal - Kalait. From savannah & sahel to Sahara.

Days 5-7: Ennedi Mountains.

The region is full of interesting sandstone formations - graceful fingers of rock and many hundreds of natural arches, including the great Aloba arch, which has a height of nearly 120 meters and is one of the most spectacular arches in the world. Apart from the geological attractions, examples of petroglyphs or rock paintings are abundant in the area. Many of the rock art represent all kinds of animals that the first inhabitants of the desert had.

In the southern area of the Ennedi are present some gueltas (desert ponds) of which the Guelta d’Archei, near the town of Fada, is a popular one. The lake is a major source of water in the desert often visited by many people and endless camel trails. The lake also has the endemic Sahara desert crocodiles that feed on fish and poo left by the visiting camels!

Days 8-9: Fada - Mourdi

From the plateau down to Fada town where we stock up on supplies. Then on to Mourdi Depression.

Days 10-11: Demi - Teguedei - Ounianga Lakes.

From the edge of the salt pan to the salt lake of Teguedei, then on to the fundamentally spectacular Ounianga Lakes - a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Day 12: Kora. Remnants of the wr with Liby can be found - tanks etc.

1Days 13-14: Kalait - Arada - Abeche - Mongo. Sahel reappears again. More towns, more people, more Afrikkka.

Day 15: Douguia. Idyllic location on the Chari River. Finally a (very simple) hotel.

Day 16: Douguia - N’Djamena. Flight home.

Prices: from 4500€/person.

Maximum 6 persons.

Price includes:

  1. -accommodation in cozy little family-owned hotels, guesthouses - sometimes these can be exclusive establishments... sometimes a little  less exclusive...

  2. -ground transport in sturdy, comfortable, air-conditioned Japan made SUV’s

  3. -brilliant logistics & organization

  4. -“all” food

Prices are based on 4 passengers per vehicle + guide/driver with booking made at least 6 months in advance. But we still need to hear from you to finalize all the technicalities and the price.

If you want to travel as a couple or as a solo traveler, see the prices below:

1 passenger per vehicle: price above x3

2 passengers per vehicle: price above x2

Discover West Africa in the comfort of our comfortable Japan-made SUV’s: Toyota Land-cruiser and Nissan Patrol. On board with you: AC and a cool mix of world music, jazz and smooth pop.